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About Integrated Kabbalistic Healing®

The IKH healing session is a one hour session during which the healer and client first talk for about forty five minutes. The healer works towards a deeper understanding of how the client's physical pain, emotional state, and habitual patterns and beliefs interfere with his or her opportunity for a fuller experience of life. After the discussion there is a fifteen minute healing. The client may be lying down on a table, or sitting in a chair, usually opposite the healer. The healer, through training and practice, selects the most efficacious healing for this moment in time. Healing occurs because there is an awakening to what existed all along.

Like all healings, IKH is a process. For some, change can occur immediately. For others, change occurs over time. But for all, the opportunity to experience onself and one's connection to the Divine more fully is readily created and available.

I was recently asked to write a few very short paragraphs describing my sense of what, in essence, Integrated Kabbalistic Healing was all about. Here's what I came up with:

Anything I can tell you about this work is already a step away from the experience of the work. The problem with describing IKH is you are trying to talk about something that is alive. A poem about a rose, or a picture of a rose, is a far cry from an individual rose, here, now, palpable to all the senses.

This work allows one to wake up, not to a picture of who they are, or a story of who they are, but to the palpable aliveness of who they are. This aliveness of who I am presents me to me, even if it is the aliveness of my neurosis. Awakening to myself, even my neurosis -- for nothing is excluded -- presents, to borrow one of Jason Shulman's expressions, a "choiceless choice" which was not previously available.

"Integrated Kabbalistic Healing" is a ® registered trademark of Jason Shulman.