Tree Of Life

Life Readings

I have combined my experience and study of numerology and the Kabbalah into my Life Readings sessions. These readings aim to give new expression to the shape or essential nature of who we are, our unique and varied strengths and weaknesses, gifts and struggles, and other cycles or influences we encounter along our life-paths. The work strives to deepen understanding of our selves, and provide clearer vision of our situation and the choices that have been placed before us.

The Kabbalah, and the deep meanings of numbers, tell us much about the fabric of the world we live in and the world that lives within us. This fabric is the "stuff" of who-we-are, and it is from this fabric that the universe is created. Our numbers, derived from our name given at birth, and our birthday, bear witness to this fabric, and to the plenum from which our essential nature was pulled to give birth to our particular, unique life-path. Creation is the central theme of this approach to inner work.