Kathy Bernstein, Numerologist

Just as the weather follows patterns and waves of change, our lives also follow these ever-changing patterns. Numerology is a tool with which you can better understand how these waves of change personally affect you. Pythagoras (570-495 BC), the father of numerology, believed that reality is fundamentally mathematical, and that Order is created out of Chaos through numbers. Numerology makes visible the "You" that came into reality at birth by using the numbers of your birth date, and the specific numbers assigned to each letter of your name.

Numerology will help you live a more conscious life, aware of your core strengths and weaknesses, and the cycles of life through which you move. Understanding how your numbers express who you are and the influences and cycles you encounter, will help you participate more fully in your life.

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I’ve done many rounds of inner work wrestling with the ways I effort to manage my anxiety and bring order out of chaos, and on the other hand, how convinced I can be that patterns in myself or the world are fixed and immutable. Kathy’s clarity as she works with flow and structure was breakthrough for me. She delivers her words with such power and conviction that I really “got” - through my whole being, the exquisite beauty of each thing’s form as it is. This, in turn, settled my anxiety in a deeper way and makes any order I try to bring out of chaos a matter of thoughtful, freed-up choosing.

-- Sara E., Healer. Herbalist

Kathy's Monthly Readings give me a better understanding of what's happening in my life as the month unfolds. It's uncanny how the way I'm feeling at a particular time corresponds to Kathy's prediction based on the numbers in my chart during that time period. There's also comfort in knowing when a difficult period of time I'm in will pass based on the reading.

-- Libby M. Wakefield, RI